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Civil CAD Design

We design interior and exterior spaces

We create, modify and optimize drawings!

Information about our service
FG Design & Construction, LLC, We specialize in civil CAD design to meet the needs of each client.
We are specialists in the planning and realization of spaces, we work from the development of the initial plans to the placement of the last detail.

The Process

At FG Design & Construction, LLC, we specialize in creating, designing, optimizing and modifying plans, with the intention of looking for a good project distribution that allows to create a good space and a correct hierarchy.

Interactive definition
of the object.

To develop the design a process must be followed, therefore a CAD system must be executed correctly.


The main function of this technology is to perform the geometry of the design, whether it is a part, architecture or circuit, calculating its physical properties and modeling.

Drawings and documentation

There are different techniques to achieve a final product, however Computer Aided Design has become one of the most used methods, because it has too many benefits.

Connection with

CAM is based on the use of computer applications. After the activities are completed, the design is finished to proceed to the next step which is the Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Interior and exterior design

Foam Insolations



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