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How to renovate your kitchen without renovation work? Vinyl floors, tuned cabinets and more ideas

Limited budgets have many options for the renovation of one of the least chameleon-like spaces in the home.

Let’s face it, it’s not as easy to transform the look of a living room or bedroom as it is to transform the look of a kitchen. When it comes to doing more than just dragging out furniture and moving vases or books around, things get complicated. The desire to see the space renovated, refreshed with a new style or seasoned with some trend is usually paralyzed if it involves making structural changes, and those in the kitchen tend to be quite expensive. Tiles, furniture surely designed to fit the space, sockets and plumbing are elements that cannot be taken or modified lightly.

So what can be done to give that aesthetic twist to the kitchen space without investing a fortune or getting involved in renovations? There are some solutions that you can carry out yourself at home in a not very cumbersome way and that lead to the same effect so pursued: to have the feeling of entering a renovated, cozy and modern space.

Before making a change in the kitchen, it is necessary to remember that this is one of the spaces in the house most conditioned by its functionality. It is advisable that the changes made do not hinder mobility, lighting or ventilation. Thinking in terms of usability can be key. Depending on the person working in the kitchen, some of its uses may vary: the space needed for storage or pantry, easy access to spices, the possibility of eating directly in the kitchen or any other casuistry hosted by the routine of a home, which can be as varied as people. It is the uses that make no two kitchens the same.

When thinking in terms of usability and planning the changes that can be introduced according to the needs, another useful tip arises (which, although it may be obvious, should always be remembered) that to renovate a kitchen is to draw up a budget and stay within its limits. Taking into account these two conditions (budget and usability), there are very effective shortcuts to give a new face to a space that we go through every day, although some are simpler than others.

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